The bookkeeping problems you face

When our clients come to us for bookkeeping help, the biggest issues they face are:

  • Errors in their books or poor documentation
  • Slow bookkeepers that always seem to be behind
  • Struggling to find time to keep their books accurate and up to date
  • Making mistakes that cause compliance issues

Bookkeeping services for small businesses
We know the secrets to easier bookkeeping that will help grow your business

Our mission to grow with your business​
OPTY’s mission is to support small businesses with their bookkeeping and accounting operations and financial management. It’s our goal to help you enable control and efficiency in your accounting to facilitate scalability and growth.


The result of sloppy bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is tougher than it looks, and it’s okay to need some help. You don’t want to suffer some of the negative impacts of poor bookkeeping, which can include:

  • Problems with cash flow
  • Additional interest and penalties on GST and other government remittances
  • Increased likelihood of CRA reviews and audits

Paying more in accounting fees to get your books organized

What to look for in a good bookkeeper

Bookkeeping isn’t simple—neither is finding a good bookkeeper. If you’re going to trust someone to keep your finances in check, you need a bookkeeper who:

  • Is responsive and asks lots of questions to fully understand your business and accounting needs
  • Reports to you regularly to ensure you can make timely business decisions based on up-to-date data
  • Champions automation to remove menial, repetitive tasks from your workload and free up your time for more impactful work

The case for cloud-based bookkeeping

​Nearly everything can be managed online these days, so it makes sense for bookkeeping to follow suit. We specialize in QuickBooks Online (QBO) to manage our clients’ books, and since it’s a cloud-based platform, you’re only an internet connection away from accessing your books anytime, anywhere without delay.

We can collaborate with you seamlessly and track financial transactions with live bank feeds, integrate an accounting portal with any other software you use for your business, and complete countless other activities to help keep your books in perfect order.

Why small businesses choose OPTY for their bookkeeping needs

First-class accounting professionals with strong business, technology, and communication skills

Secure, cloud-based bookkeeping for easy access and control over your books and reports

Implemented technology to streamline accounting processes and free up valuable time

Crystal clear reports and data analysis that help making financial decisions easier

Dedicated support from a full, cross-trained team of accounting professionals

Skills backed by experience of working with 100+ clients

​Let’s talk about your bookkeeping needs

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