Accounting services to support your business
A strong accounting team equipped with business mindsets and powerful cloud technology can make your day-to-day operations even easier.

Detailed and timely bookkeeping
You can’t make impactful business decisions if your financial records are a mess.
​OPTY’s detailed, accurate, and timely bookkeeping is critical to the strength of your financial control. By leveraging cloud accounting solutions like QuickBooks Online, you’ll have consistent access to your books 24/7/365.

Planning and measuring the right financial metrics
To benchmark and track your successes, you need to measure what matters. OPTY’s business-savvy team can help you create practical proforma, invoices, budgets, and scenario-based forecasts.
With customized reporting and dashboards that you can actually understand and use, you can manage your business with its pulse at your fingertips.

​Analysis and advice for better business performance
The most detailed reports are useless if they don’t come with proper analyses or you can’t understand them.
We will review and analyze the data we’ve collected on a regular basis. Together, we will walk through our reports and explain our findings and recommendations related to your financial metrics. This way, we can also adjust any business action plans as necessary.

Benefits of OPTY’s cloud accounting system​

We use a cloud accounting portal as part of our services, which offers unique advantages that traditional accounting doesn’t possess.

Real-Time Cash Flow

Connect your live bank and credit card feeds to your accounting software to proactively manage your cash flow anywhere, anytime. This process dramatically reduces data entry time and errors.​

Automated Receipts and Expenses

Take a picture of your receipts and bills directly from your mobile device and watch it automatically post into your accounting system with a copy of the receipt image. This automation saves time during audits since all expense receipts are uploaded in one place with dates and times.​

Integrated, Organized and Efficient Job Management

Seamless Timesheets and Certified Payroll

Streamline your time-clocking, scheduling, labour allocation, and detailed payroll reporting with OPTY’s integrated system to save time and money.

  • Create timesheets and schedules using a mobile app.
  • Automate project profitability reports and payroll using timesheet data.
  • Shorten lead time for direct deposit.
  • Automate payroll tax remittance payments.

Rest assured that our Certified Payroll Practitioners will manage any changes to payroll compliance on your behalf.

Cloud accounting uses technology to empower your business
One of the most significant benefits of an online platform is the capability to integrate it with other software products to create an ecosystem for your business. We can merge your sales, operations, management, and accounting teams onto the same fast track to accomplish your business goals.