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How Can Accounting Propel Your Business?

There is an easier way to manage your finances and facilitate growth. Watch our video to learn how we do it at OPTY.

There is an easier way to manage your finances and facilitate growth

We take a three-pronged, full-service accounting approach to focus your finances and manage your business.

Wield accurate, real-time data to make better business decisions

Do data and spreadsheets make your head hurt? Data collection and reporting are necessary evils in bookkeeping, but they don’t need to be painful processes. Especially when accurate, real-time financial data can be your most critical tool in managing your business and making timely decisions.
​OPTY’s professional team of bookkeepers, accountants, and payroll specialists will ensure you can leverage your data to its fullest potential. With thorough reporting and analyses you can actually understand, we can make meaningful decisions for your business together.

Embrace automation to increase scalability and profitability

Can you imagine how your business capacity would improve if  you reduced wasted time by 50%? There are likely plenty of repetitive administrative tasks that can be eliminated from your workload with a few minor process changes.
OPTY can help you reduce inefficiencies with automated workflows and processes for your business. We accomplish this with custom processes and integrated technology, including automated expense claims, time clocking and scheduling, cloud file storage, and more. Let your technology do the grunt work so you can focus on things that really matter to your business.

Track and measure impactful metrics to achieve your business goals

Do you measure what matters the most to your business? Your metrics need to inform an action plan that aligns with your financial forecasts so you can plan proactively, anticipate potential risks, and manage your growth.
OPTY’s team can create custom reports that combine all of your critical data, benchmark your progress, and create clear, accountable paths to accomplishing your business goals.

Our Services

Cloud Accounting Setup
Certified Payroll
Proactive Cash Flow Management
Scenario Based Forecasting
Budgeting and Metrics
Job Costing and Budgeting
CRA Compliance
​Tax Management
Accounting Process and Software User Training

Online Accounting Software
Cloud File Storage
Automated Expense Claims
Workflow Automation
Data Consolidation & Analysis
Project Management
Time Clocking and Scheduling
Custom Reporting​ Dashboards
Automated Excel Integrations
Operational Process and Technology User Training

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Professional Services

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Construction and Trades

Law Firms

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